In recent years, voice search has become increasingly popular among internet users. As technology has advanced, devices such as smartphones, smart speakers, and virtual assistants have made it easier for people to search for information using their voice rather than typing. This shift in behavior has significant implications for search engine optimization (SEO), as it changes the way people search for information and the factors that influence search results. The impact of voice search on SEO are complex and far-reaching, and businesses must adapt their SEO strategies to remain competitive in this new landscape.

You will be amazed to know that 30% of website sessions happen without connecting the screen. So how is it possible? Yes, because of voice search. There are many devices that allow you to speak into and it generates results. Audio technology gives you results by the use of speech recognition where it understands what users are saying at an extreme level.

What Impact of voice search in SEO ranking?

Yes, so we all know that SEO is the process of making our website search engine friendly or SEO is the activity to improve the ranking of our web pages or web sites on the search engines. And you can also say we do SEO to rank our website on the search engine’s first page in the first position. But now the thing is here, we do SEO to rank web pages by keywords as well by using the voice search devices we do SEO for getting results orally on devices according to which you say.

That’s why you have to remember that the SEO of voice search and SEO of traditional websites are different. They both have different impacts on site ranking. The factor which impacts on website ranking, may or may not have the same effect of voice search.

So, here, we are giving you some tips to balance SEO strategy to rank website and voice search.

1- Make sure your website loads quickly- Same as traditional search engine optimization, Google voice search also prefers to those websites which load quickly.

Ensure that-

your website responsive to all devices like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

Images are optimized.

Files are well maintained.

your server responds quickly.

Content should be relevant and unique.

Your website should not have any technical issues.

2- Try to write, the way you speak- When users search on a search engine, they type keywords in phrases or in easy sentences like; if they are searching digital marketing company then they can type “best digital marketing company” and in voice search, they might say “who are the top digital marketing companies?”

Therefore, while writing, remember that users search easy and main keywords and try to optimize your content for voice search, use generic and natural key phrases. And make sure your content should be unique, deep, helpful, and should be at a high level.

3- Highlight your content on search engine- The first thing which grabs the attention of users in the result page (search engine) is, the title and description which shows on voice result. It is the first impression of your site which attracts users and binds them to take action on your site, so for that use snippets. In the snippet, we have to write a title and description which shows on the result page. make sure your snippet is well defined to users and inform them what type of information they will get in your blog. So that they can take action on your site from voice search.

4- Focus on Local searches- Whenever users search on search engines they prefer location-based results. 22% of voice search queries are looking for location-based results. Therefore, ranking your location on the search engines you have to do local SEO for your web pages. Try to use phrases like; “near me”, “digital marketing institute in Delhi”.

Can I see my voice search ranking?

Yes, Now the question will arise in your mind that can I see my voice search ranking? am I right?

So, in short, the answer is, probably no.

In 2018, the digital agency called Roast built an automation software that allows them to run various queries and reports for their users. This report is not as clear as it should be. but in the future, it will give more accurate voice search ranking reports.


Till here, it’s clear that investing in voice search will increase your brand awareness and will help you to get the conversion. And if you optimize your site for voice search then you have to face competition, but voice search will give you long-lasting results.