Best Digital Marketing Tools

There are a lot of best digital marketing tools for new startups available in the market, and it can be overwhelming for startups to choose the right ones.

In digital marketing, there are many marketing strategies that we use for digital marketing. So, the thing is that for the right use of those marketing strategies, There are many tools, which help you to do marketing in the right manner and here we are recommending you the names and use of those tools, with the help of those tools you can improve your business and services.

Tools will help you to see insights into consumer journey, conversion rate, optimization, and many more digital metrics. It will definitely prove essential to you, go-ahead from your competitors.

The modules which include in digital marketing are;

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid advertisement

Here are some of the best digital marketing tools that can help new startups:

-Content Marketing Tools:

WordPress- It is the best content management system where you can easily create your content and customize it. It provides the database of MYSQL. It proves beneficial for non-technological users. WordPress does not require coding, easy to understand and use.

Canva- Images are the best types of content, people prefer to see images to understand than text. So, Canva is an image designing tool where you can design logos, templates, images, flyers and many more. It is essentially free. But if you want a good and unique quality of images then you can use premium images also.

Piktochart- It is an infographic tool, where you can design templates, presentations, reports, and flyers. It is also a free tool with advanced features.

Smartling- Smartling is a cloud-based translation technology. It helps to translate and manage your content on a global level. It is a time and energy-saving tool that automatically generates content and helps to translate.

Episerver- With the help of Episerver, you can create the content, can make an E-commerce site, set personalized messages and create an automation campaign in multiple platforms such as, web, mobile, email, text, social, etc. It helps in marking.

-Email Marketing Tools:

Mail chimp- It is used for email marketing. It is a free tool where you can run campaigns, create automation, add 2000 contacts, personalized email, and many more things. It helps to check the open rate, click rate, bounce rate of emails and analyze all the reports of the campaign.

Constant Contact- You can design your templates by using drag and drop editor. It is easy to use and send professional emails, there is no coding required. It helps you to analyze the report. You can engage with customers from all devices.

Aweber- Aweber designed to send emails and helps to connect with the customer. It is useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It automatically creates templates by using the domain name of your website. Aweber is an effective and powerful platform.

Get Response- By using this platform, you can create a list of valuable marketing and clients and helps you to grow your business, promote services, sell products and make a relationship with your customers. It is cost-effective and easy to use.

-Social Media Marketing Tools:

Social pilot- It is a social media marketing platform for special marketers and agencies. It helps you to increase traffic on your website, brand awareness and also help you to know about the marketing strategy and effort.

Hootsuite- Hootsuite works on the four-factor discovery, research, influencers, and monitoring. By this, you can measure all the reports of your content engagement, like, comment, share and many more. It will help you to improve your performance on social networks.

Sprout Social- It is a social media management platform which offers you to maintain all social platform from one place, it is designed to analyze, check engagement and listening and you can create, manage and publish your content across the social platform from one place.

Meet Edgar- Meet Eagar is a platform where you can schedule, automate and reshare your content on many social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can upload your content automatically by using bulk options and can publish them.

Buffer- It is also a  social media management platform offers you to measure report, publish and create content on social networks and helps to increase the quality of your website traffic.


Google Analytics- Google Analytics is a platform by google. You can connect your website and app with it and can analyze all the reports of your website and app. You can add 100 accounts (website), 50 properties, and 25 views on each property.

Monster Insight- Monster insight is a plugin, which offers you to connect the website with google analytics and help to show all the analytics data on your WordPress dashboard where you can easily see the report of your websites and can manage it. With the help of Monster Insight, you have no need to go google analytics to check the metrics you can check from your website’s dashboard.

Kiss Metrics- It is a google analytics solution that allows reporting, tracking and retargeting through the promotional banner. It shows engagement, behavior, funnel, cohort, etc reports, In one place.

Splunk- It helps to quickly identify and analyze the errors and fix the problem easily.  It shows the report in graphs, real-time data and you can create alerts and goals also.

Clicky- Clicky is a web analytics tool that helps to monitor, analyze and customize your content and website traffic in real-time.

-Search Engine optimization Tools

Seo is a practice to rank the website or pages on search engines, For that, we have to design our website according to Google guidelines. So, here are some tools that help you to do SEO.

Yoast Plugin- It is a WordPress plugin, which helps to optimize the website and highlights the error of content. It is a free plugin with advanced features but It has a paid version also which offers an extra advanced feature for optimizing website content.

Seo Profiler- Seo Profiler is a web application, which helps to optimize the website, keyword research, analyze reporting. You can check the ranking of your website on search engines. It helps to do on-page and off-page Seo also.

 Ahrefs- It is used for audit reports, analyze, create backlinks and mainly it is used for SEO analysis. Ahrefs is a popular tool that helps to increase the ranking of the website on google, and also helps to increase sales.

On crawl- On crawl is an award-winning SEO platform, which gives organic searches on your website and increases the visibility of your brand and services. It helps to fix SEO pain points with the help of free tools and extensions.

Seo Monitor- Seo monitor offers you to optimize the visibility of your website among the search engines google, yahoo, bing and etc. It helps to guide you and make your website search engine friendly. It will make your work easy by monitoring your website.

So, these are a few tools for different marketing strategies. It will definitely help you with the advertisement, ranking on google, email marketing, social media marketing, and analytics and it will make your work easy.